Let’s Play House

Since we’re heading into summer, now would be an ideal time to have a nosy at some cozy. Bedding plants are brightly bordering, lawns are growing like over watered cress. Summer houses and pavilions are being swept clean and de-spidered and the chair cushions might just about be safe to come out from under the tarp. There will be tea, there will be Pimms with cooling cucumber, mint, apple and orange. Lucky for us, we know a man who is superb at making them.
Well, we can but hope. If the rain stops. Brits know summer houses – or in some cases, summer pods. A lovely selection to inspire you is on the menu, so butter a scone and pull up a lawn chair.

Vintage trailer conversion with corrugated tin roof. Any small garden could accommodate this sweet little retreat.


This makes us happy! Bunting and vintage wicker chairs. A shady place to chill out while the bees do their thing. pavillion8

Neo-Classical pavilion with Ionic columns. Looks so comfortable! Sourcepavillion13

Not sure how much you could get up to in this antique pavilion, but it certainly is charmingly decorative. pavillion14

Boho style pavilion. Here you will write poetry and sketch each other. Mandatory. pavilion17

A summer…pod, with sun refracting glass. How cool is this? pavilion19

Shabby Chic summer house with leaded light and faux Corinthian column. We’d put money on there being croquet mallets stored inside. Gorgeous! pavilion18

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