Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Nothing embodies the English more than a bit of eccentric dottiness, so we’ll begin with a jaunt around some unusual garden embellishments, with some original takes on decor and design and a sprinkling of bonkers. We have to remember who started it off; it was the Brits with a proliferation of Follies. Useless but great fun. Of course, if you really go for it, you could end up being a tourist attraction in your own right, just like The Lost Gardens Of Heligan in Cornwall which is host to such delights as this:


Or if Topiary is your thing, why not go in for stampeding hedges?


We rather like this Balinese style odyssey but love that it’s smack in the middle of London. There’s another elephant. Exotica!


Elephants seem to be the thing to go for if you want a smidge of quirk. Source


Anything will be enhanced by a Tiki god spewing forth water. Find it here


They could have at least put it on the grass. Can sheep do steps? Credit


Belligerent looking Green Man enter stage left. We hope that’s birdseed he’s carrying. Source


It appears that Baron Von Munchausen presides here.


Pink elephants on parade. As you do. Source



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