Modern Love

It’s not all quaint cottages and Tudor-y buildings in London, you know. The most cutting edge design goes on here too, evinced yet again this year by the Chelsea Flower Show, which just happens to be the most prestigious in the world. You don’t achieve that caliber of envelope pushing without some serious native gardeners in the country, and they in turn have plenty of customers for their handiwork and many others taking the germ of an idea and translating it to their own domestic spaces.

London also spearheads modern garden design and we’re delighted to bring you some cool examples, whether it be in use of furniture, color, planning or accessories.

We’re digging this swathe of color in East London:

ImageAnd also this impressive silvery water feature that must be the star attraction in this garden:


But skillful and innovative planting and uberhip furniture and statuary gets there in exactly the same vein…


and also here…making the garden look and feel like a lounge by having a proper fireplace and chimney!


We fully approve of how this garden has combined the wildness of a country cottage with up to date contemporary confines.


Adding these super cool pieces into a white themed gardenmodern6used

Or this monotone theme which looks crisp and fresh; Source


Alternatively, a contemporary approach can create a well defined social activity area, becoming a must for any London garden when space has to be utilized at a premium. If you have an outdoors, you’re mad if you don’t take full advantage of living in it, as has been done here:

modern2And finally, two very different but equally appealing spaces perfect for partying… The modern take on a courtyard:


And the extravagant ultra lounge in chic whites: Gorgeous! London? You bet!



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