Pulling The Birds

We’re all supposed to be planting for the bees, but let’s not forget the birdies while we’re at it. We particularly like a strong architectural element, which sounds lofty until we confess the reason we do is that it allows us to anthropologically imagine they have tiny furniture inside and miniature pictures on their walls. Rather than the probable mess of lice infested twigs and scavenged dryer lint. Nevertheless, what is a garden without bird song and the occasional glimpse of our wonderful British bird population. All credits found on Forget Me Not Garden’s Pinterest boards here.

Lots of amazing examples to get to, so we hope you become encouraged to feather a little nest out there and make a home for your local flock representative. Here’s a little Bohemian style house – even the birds are getting in on the trends these days.


A clapboard cottage with a mini ‘widows walk’ at the top. birdhouse3

Weathered and mossy, it might be a ghost bird residence…birdhouse1

A fantastic idea – re-purposing a vintage radio. birdhouse2

A porch! Washing hanging on the line! They have their own mini, mini bird house! Cute overload! birdhouse4 Found on sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net

A little chapel surrounded by blooms. birdhouse5

Simple but lovely, in a cottage garden. birdhouse7Wait…what?


Almost Burtonesque this one. Recycled tin tile ornately used for a roof. birdhouse6 They’re bird houses. They can’t help being adorable.  birdhouse8

The ultimate. We’re so jealous. birdhouse9


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