Shabby English Gardens

Here in the UK we have such a rich source of antiques to mine and creating the Shabby Chic look is effortless. We love how that principle is carried over into the gardens, spiced up by gently decaying furniture artfully arrayed. Or household antiques employed in a surprising way. What it does is extend the home personality into the outdoors, and in many cases, creates a room-like feel to the garden, applying the same space and area delineating techniques, just as you would in a house. It’s the inclusion of furniture (and faux walls and lighting) that does it and makes the difference between a cottage garden and a true shabby chic one. Lucky for you we have some lovely examples to share, which we hope you enjoy as much as us. Oh, and a few animals won’t hurt either.

Delicate paint tones, dainty potted flowers and vintage fabric here.


Vibrant custom painted wrought iron chairs and antique bedstead complement the blooming Forsythia wonderfully. Sourceshabby2

Grand French antique bed decadence in this London garden. We suspect the cat has been painted to match the bleached wood decking. shabby3

Rule Britannia all over these shutter doors, which create a faux and private walled areashabby4

This garden has it all – dovecote, country borders separating the upper and lower parts of the garden, rusted, mismatched furniture, two poodle-y things and a disdainful cat onlooker. We are in awe of the details, especially the brightly colored washing line pegs. shabby5

How to fully take advantage of owning a garden, ably demonstrated by a black cat. How’s that camouflage fur been working out so far? A garden for de-stressing and shutting the world out. Found hereshabby6

Source Vintage glorious color that makes you want to buy a thrift wardrobe just to hang outside, even if you’re not legitimately doing the laundry. The hens seem to be enjoying the ambiance. shabby7

Lastly, a little London Flour pot. OK, we’ll get our coats. shabby8



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