Bright Handed

Londoners don’t limit their palette to the flora…we also love a dash of color on the patio. Makes summer dining that much more cheerful. Some clever souls will beautifully integrate the colors of the outside to the themes running through the house, tying in their own personality to the whole property. We’re going to make it our mission to seek out festively vibrant patios this season, they’re already fun before you go about the business of having any. These days people’s ever increasing sense of sophistication in design and interiors doesn’t stop at the back door, thanks to the proliferation of social media sights with scads of innovative and creative expressions to plunder. Have a seat. We’ll be out in a minute with freshly made lemonade.

A zing of pinks boldly go where boring patio furniture doesn’t.

outdoor33But look how the deep pink is carried through from the outdoor vase to the inside orchids. Luvly. colorful1Boho cushions vamp up this London decking.

outdoor34More casual Bohemia in a great place to lounge and dine. outdoor18Why be up to your knees in mud at a festival when you can glamp in your London garden? We’re lusting after that gorgeous parasol

colorful2Fantastic shot of fuchsia lifts a backyard deck to a chic, modern space.  Source


The best ’til last…a slice of summer heaven in the middle of the city. LoveLoveLove this terrace!outdoor30

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