Stop And Smell The Roses

We’re mad for anything roses – smells of, tastes of, looks like, is. Big, blowsy vintage type roses with bold and unusual colors is our latest fad. We could share an infinite number of pictures of roses and they’d all be beautiful, right? But there are already brave souls of questionable judgement who do that on Pinterest to the tune of 22,000 pins and upwards. So we like to cherry pick the ones that make us do a double take, the ones that stand out as unique and glorious in their own ways.

Did anyone else do a freeze frame in the middle of the movie Anonymous when they saw a bi-colored red and white Tudor rose casually adorning a bush in a garden scene? Fine, just us then. But it did inspire us to hunt out some stunners ourselves, and in a historical sense, especially when you consider how far shapes and colors have come along in the last few hundreds of years of rose breeding, one can still find old fashioned and also newly minted stunners. These are all real breeds, not photo shopped to look more alluring. This one gets through the door for the subtle beauty of tones.


Called the Black Baccara, this jewel is the deepest red. Sourceblackbaccarabyhowlitaflickr

It’s a mystery how they can refine strains so infinitesimally that tinges of opposing shades appear. It’s called Cherry Parfait. cherryparfaitonflickr

It IS a black rose and you can buy the cuttings on etsy. etsy

A really old fashioned climbing rose found hereflowersgardenlovetumblr

A very ancient strain of rose with a powerful scent. From Mary Eadsmaryeads

Another of Mary Eads smashers. This is the one that reminds us most of the Tudor rose, and you can see why it was incorporated into their coats of arms, representing the white and the red roses of the Houses of Lancaster and York. maryeads2

Royal Amethyst speaking for itself. royalamethyst

Striking combination of burgundy and white. Sourcetasselstumblrcom

The delightfully named Tiramisu Spray. Good enough to eat. tiramisuroses

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