Statuary Rights

Now is the best time of year to be visiting historical gardens, as they’ll be in full bloom glory right now. If we manage to tear ourselves away from London Life and get to any, we’ll be sure to share them here, but in the meantime, we’re going to marvel at the historical grace and beauty the gardens of London and it’s surrounds are harboring quietly with an abundance of statues, grand and whimsical. There’s this gentle maiden among the flowers.


Romanesque ideal bordering a box hedge masterpiece here. formal1

Occupying a peaceful niche for a few centuries. (Americans, please…rhymes with quiche not witch). formal17

Soldiering on in a formal garden. formal18

Art gets its own secret little nook to honor it. Found hereformal44

Perspectives created skillfully…and right at the end, a Lion to entice you further. Sourceformal49

Right in the middle of London. We kid you not. Slightly bonkers, but nothing wrong with that. Foundformal70

Feeling the slight breeze. She’s reminiscent of an Art Deco bronze and we love her for it. Sourceformal74

A tiny London courtyard made beautiful by art and a brave mirror. Timeless beauty. statuary1

Different London garden, same flawless principle. Lush greens, plenty for the eye to wander over, busts, mirrors and urns. What’s not to love? statuary2

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