Pond Life

Having seen some fine examples of ancient Persian gardens recently from the neighbor’s holiday snaps, it’s clear they are the world’s original gardeners. From the fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the surviving rose and water gardens still beautifying their cities today, they had ponds down pat. But we Brits have been known to rustle up a fairly decent pond or two ourselves, done in unmistakable English style with scads of water lilies, rockeries, waterfalls and picturesque planting, expertly made to look incidental. To get to the kind of level we’re going to celebrate here takes years of forward planning and patience, but everyone has to start somewhere, and there’s no reason not to have a go on a more modest scale. Water in the garden adds so much calm and loveliness. Have a go. We’re rather good at them!

First start yourself off with some lilies. We found ours here


Plus, a pond provides a habitat for all manner of wildlife. They just happen. You don’t even have to lift a finger. formal71

Great for attracting dragonflies, frogs and the occasional bird for a dip. Endless entertainment for your pets too…


And they’re just so…Monet. formal73Lots of plants prefer a very water based environment, not just bulrushes but Iris, Forget-Me-Nots (hooray!) Violets, Primula, Lobelia, many types of fern and more. This garden has a comprehensive array of water loving borders.


Add a fountain. No one’s going to stop you.  Sourceformal50

You don’t need a huge garden to start one. This London back yard is made elegant with a pond and a weathered urn. formal33

They can also be created to be a refuge as their own separate garden, when planted with privacy using trees and hedges. Heron optional. Found hereformal47

Loving this formality:


And this London elegance:

outdoor14The ultimate country house pond…



And this Victorian loveliness!




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