Conservatively Speaking

So much living goes on at this time of year in our extended spaces, gardens, that it’s almost impossible to decide which to cover, but the clear winner this blog is the conservatory, staple of English houses for centuries. Given the fragile nature of their structures, antique ones are hard to find, but I have a fine example for you. Greenhouse, in Kent, has a conservatory which dates back to the early Victorian era. First, the exterior, in all its glory, guarded by the estate dogs:

greenhouse3The interior is no less stunning.


greenhouse2However, the most important thing about conservatories is that they are perfect for the home they are improving. They can be contemporary, like Stratford Grove, in the heart of London,

stratford groveOr modern and upmarket, such as The Grange, Hertfordshire:

the grange2



the grangeOr lavishly decorative like Rococo, London:

rococoWhere they are situated is sometimes surprising. When garden space is a luxury, you might find one such as The Terrace built upon a roof top in London, to take advantage of the views as well as the outdoors. It then becomes a prime entertaining place. Terrace also has a most unusual feature – glass floor inserts; viewing from above and skylights from below. Ingenious design.

the terraceBut lest we forget, they are also havens for true gardeners to rest while working, pot some seedlings or cultivate hothouse varieties. This one at Bromley House in Kent belongs to such a garden lover.bromley houseBromley House is cheerfully shabby chic, but the most humble in appearance and tranquil reason a conservatory was ever built has to be Seascape, in Rye, on the south coast of England. With that incredible view every sunset, it would have to be the envy of all the wonderful and glamorous additions above, hands down. I raise a Sundowner to Seascape!


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