Just Imagine

I came across a marvelously creative garden in London that is the repository for the owner’s art, spilling out of the house as it does into every crevice. At Ladywell, nothing is out of bounds –

ladywell…every area is an expression:

ladywell2Which got me wondering if I could find other London back yards that overflowed with creativity. My first find was Manor Park

manor parkbeds, swans, colors aplenty, but then I broadened my search to absolutely anything and I want to share with you all the wonderful ideas I found. I think they prove that no matter how much space or money you do or don’t have, if you have an imagination you can insert GARDEN into your life to brighten up the most unlikely places. As someone who is used to eliciting laughs when I express my ideas for the ‘why not do X or Y’ I understand that reactions are invariably unsympathetic but in my experience, all you have to do is show people to wow them. So enjoy the visual treats, and be brave enough to look at something with a different eye as a likely candidate for flora. Go for it. These souls did.

bootstypewriter wheelbarrow toy car  summer canopy teapots plant bed plant hair shoe planter sink small drawers piano petunia bathtub mexican chest desk dresser flower bed SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA heads jeans car cabinet bus buckets boat bicycle bathtub yellow dresser


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