Shedloads of Love

5Notwithstanding the creative genius that has come and gone with Shed Of The Year 2014, I do sort of like my sheds to be real, working buildings. Not a pub, a castle, a summer house or a cabin that sleeps four but a place where some actual gardening can also take place, even if nominally and decoratively. That’s not to say they can’t be shabby chic, twee or picturesque. There’s no fun in it otherwise. I think sheds are the grown up equivalent of forts for men and wendy houses for women – oh there’s a sweeping generalization for you right there. However, I lose count of the times on Pinterest that someone comments that they must have one (if it’s ‘cute’). I’ve picked some I like – for their structure, decoration, sympathy with their surroundings and curb appeal. Not a military collection or diner in sight, I vow.

Love that this American Gothic has a porch too. 6And here made from reclaimed wood and windows.

2A working cottage shed

7And a decoratively ‘I’m Jane Austin potting one violet seedling’ kind of vibe:

8Joie de vivre, and why not?

1This roost, tool shed and storage all in one is perfect for the contemporary house it complements – at De Beauvoir, London

de beauvoirBut it’s difficult to beat this grand old historical masterpiece which is the real deal and has been faithfully serving for centuries at The Manor:

the manorI’m ending with – how can you resist this – the internet kitten of all sheds…


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