Veg in Vogue

Now the salad days are upon us, there are some fantastic new varieties of fruit and veg to look out for. It’s great to have new, and I mean brand new varieties to spice up a salad or a power smoothie and gathered there are some stunners. Personally I’d steer clear for the time being of anything that hails from China, they’re doing some mad things to fruit this year – although they claim to be non GMO, they don’t inspire the greatest confidence that they are. These pictures are not photo-shopped, but actual new breeds one can buy the seeds to grow! Blue watermelon:

Blue Watermelon laritek

Rainbow grapes:


and, er, black strawberries:


Well then – what can we look for closer to home and British grown by organic farmers? There are an incredible amount of new carrot varieties in all colors:

Carrots_of_many_colors but my favorite two are:



and Creme Delight:


Scottish Heritage Potatoes taste as good as they look. Included below are varieties Mr Little’s Yetholm Gypsy, Kepplestone Kidney, Shetland Black, Highland Burgundy and Dunbar Rover.


Heirloom tomatoes are readily available these days, praise the lord, and the freshest new star is the Indigo Rose, which is just gorgeous:

indigo rose tomato

Growers are always looking for new lettuce breeds to test and cultivate and the two favorites this year have been a mustard leaf called Frizzy Lizzy

Mustard, Frizzy Lizzy, 053013 (9)

And the Rouxai, which would grace any plate:

Lettuce,  Rouxai 063011 (1)

Keep an eye out too for Watermelon Radish, they’re a lively color with a mild amount of spiciness to the taste.


If you come across any of the new hybrids, be sure to tell us how they taste – this month was the debut of the Brussels sprout crossed with Kale. Called a Kalette, it definitely looks interesting and will no doubt do you the world of good! Just don’t make me a smoothie of it!



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