Bansai Bonsai!

It’s really difficult to know which images to pick for the esteemed art of growing Bonsai trees as they are, without exception, utterly beautiful. However, I’ve tried to stick to my favorites. Just when the art of cultivating mini trees began is a matter of conjecture, with myths claiming some trees have been discovered three and a half thousand years old. More frequent are some venerable and majestic examples alive today said to be at least a thousand. There is only documentation to support anything from 500 years to the present. Their longevity is legendary, so to begin with, I’ll share the grand old masterpieces of a rumored thousand.


In the Crespi museum, a grove of Ficus:ficus-bonsai-crespi1000yrsAnd a mere stripling of 800 years:

800-year-old-bonsai-treeRecently, a Japanese artist, Takanori Aiba, has been taking the concept of Bonsai further, and adding his own miniature structures to them. You’d think they would detract, but to general wonderment, his art enhances quite exquisitely.  It’s just fantastical.

Takanori aiba BonsaiEven so, left to their own sculptural and organic devices, any single Bonsai speaks eloquently alone. I’d not seen fruiting or blooming ones before I began researching them, but they are incredible, as are autumnal and winter versions:

White Pine


Cherry Blossom1



Phenomenal coaching! Such harmony and balance. 5

Tiny forest7


Cherry blossom9

Pure beauty10



Chilli tree13Had to share this one..the white tree of Gondor. It is, isn’t it?

Bay Island Bonsai 2008Finally…just goddamn cute. Aww! Wee tree!




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