It’s Your Round

While we can still just about enjoy the last dregs of summer, take advantage of some of the splendid and marvelous pub gardens to be found in these sceptered isles. I’ve been gathering a few for you, some I’ve even been in!

Gardens can be spectacular, but the pub really excels at hanging baskets. They’re just amazing. Luckily for us city folk, many of the best are right here in London, but you can bet on a country pub to be resplendent at this time of year. The winner might just be The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill.

notting hill churchill arms notting hill gate churchillHowever, Covent Garden gives it a run for the money:

covent gardenAnd the Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park:

faltering fullback finsburyI do love though, this pub The Cloch Ban, Clonroche, County Wexford, Ireland. The actual building is a mystery.

cloch Ban clonroche irelandBrockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire:

brokenhurst, new forestAnd Padstow in Cornwall:

padstow cornwallSo much for the battle of the baskets. What about the gardens? Actually, the best I have ever been to is The Harrow Inn, Steep, Hampshire. I cannot even find a picture that begins to do their garden justice, but only hints at it. The garden is packed with color and goes on for days. You can even buy plants in the forecourt.

harrow inn steeppetersfield-cottage-english-rentals-the-harrow-inn-330-1057964An honorable mention to The Albion in London for the joy of its Wisteria:

albion londonIn Pembrokeshire, Wales, delight of a different kind – an open door to the sea at The Druidstone, Haverfordwest.

druidstone haverfordwest walesIn South Devon, Dartington, the quintessential English pub the Cott Inn has been licensed since 1320. Beat that, any bar in the world.

dartington south devonLastly…the most perfect English pub garden. It’s real. It exists. It’s insanely gorgeous. The Chelsea Pensioner.


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