Let There Be Fairy Light!


A lighting extravaganza this week, while we still have some Autumnal warm-ish nights to enjoy the last of the garden in the evenings. My motto has always been More Is More, and I’m a firm believer in using proper electric lights, and masses of them, if you’re going to light a garden or outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if you have a step ladder sized area, a balcony or a vast expanse, as we shall see. There’s nothing you can’t improve by adding fantastic lighting. At the very least you’ll get a usable outdoor place to relax in or throw a party. At most, you’ll have a magical wonderland that will be a thing of beauty and envy. Let’s start small, with a ladder and balconies. Cats are not obligatory but they do add a seal of approval.




Patios and porches:

18 15 20 7 6 9

Creative beauty:

22 14 5 1123

Remember the more is more? Here it comes.

4 3 1 2 5

Nothing a person couldn’t do for themselves, with the will and imagination, but if you wanted to go the professional route, take a look at this inventive paving slab insert: How cool is this?


Lighting the pro way:

8 25 21

Get busy!

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