I Got A New Rose

Time to take a look at all the wonderful new breeds of roses we were blessed with this year, any one of which would be a star attraction in a rose garden. I’m not fussy about roses as a rule, I love every single one of them, tea, hybrid, historical, modified, however they come, but it’s always exciting to see how careful selection and cultivation can produce stunning results, forms and colors. The Holy Grail of rose breeders seems to be, year after year, David Austin, O.B.E. His rose gardens at Albrighton are home to over 800 varieties including the National Collection of English Roses and are open to the public free of charge, all year round. He oversees one of the world’s largest garden rose breeding programs and he has introduced over two hundred varieties over the course of a long and awarded career. So we will start with some from his illustrious collection:
Olivia Rose Austin

olivia rose austin   Lady of the Lake

ladyofthelake austinPoets Wife

poets wife austinBoscobel

boscobeldavid austinHowever, there are many others around the world with breathtaking variety and hue, so let’s take a look at the beauties of 2014:

Bright and Breezy

brightandbreezyThomas a Beckett

thomasabeckettSummer Sweetheart..what a color!

summersweetheartRoyal Jubilee

royaljubileePride & Prejudice


Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise (r) delfluoroLady Marmalade


heathcliffHead Over Heels


glyndebourneBright As A Button


tranquillityI hope this year’s collection brought you a moment of Tranquility. Remember to stop and smell the roses!


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