Mushroom In Here?

Ten fungi from around the world you never knew existed…

1. The Texas Star, the world’s rarest mushroom…grows only in Texas and two places in Japan..go figure.

texas star

2. Devil’s Urn, America, Europe, China, Japan…actually edible!

devil's urn

3. Sky Blue Cap, New Zealand and India

sky blue NZ

4. Hare’s Foot Inkcap, woodlands of the UK


5. Golden-scruffy Collybia, Tropical, not found in North America or Europe

golden scruffy collybia

6. Microglossum Viride, California

microglossum viride

7.  Black Bulgarian Inquinans

bulgarian inquinans

8. Black Amanita, Northern California, Oregon

black amanita

9. The Coral mushroom, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State


10. ‘Barbie’ Pagoda, New Caledonia…not discovered until 2009

barbie pagoda


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