The Gothic Gardener

Loads of pictures to share with you this week! I’ve been musing on the possibility of creating an entirely black floral garden, mostly because I haven’t ever seen it done. Of course when we speak of Gothic we have to really encompass Neo-Gothic, which is in fact Victorian. Unless you live in a fabulous European castle with genuinely medieval grounds and architecture. Taking the universally recognized design cues and creating a space which has the romance of decay and the elegance of something slightly sinister is the concept, and I want to show how even just a little addition can bring that flavor to a garden. I generally find that one needs architecture or furniture to properly evoke an era or a theme and Gothic is no exception. Nevertheless, even if you wanted just stylish, dark foliage, you’re covered. After all, little in the world of design cannot be improved with a dash of black. There’s a surprising number of black versions of familiar plants, as you’ll see.

Just a soupcon…Furniture, bird houses and planters:

Raven planterravenplanter etsyFireplace converted planter

planterMid 19th century planters…very Pugin-esque

mid19thcplantersCreative planting!phoneboxGothic Birdhouses…

birdhouse2 birdhouse3 birdhouse4Glorious Victorian furniture

rust chairs..although these 1880 upholstered beauties best suited to a conservatory…

chairs1890Go all out with a Gothic shed

shedOr some custom cabbage gates…really wonderful form and color

cabbage gateSome varieties of black planting you won’t expect – my favorite of all, and I have planted these in the UK, is the Black Cat Petunia, such deep velvet petals!

petunia black cat3 varieties of Iris, Black Lightening..

blk lightening irisDevil’s Baby Dwarf Iris…

devil baby dwarf irisThe marvelously names Dracula’s Kiss

draculas kiss irisBlack Cherry Hollyhocks

hollyhocks black cherryPeonies

peonyMorning Glory

morning gloryTulip


violaVelvet Elephant’s Ear

blk velvet elephant earSunflower



hyacinthAnd most dramatic of all, the very rare Halfatty Turkish rose. Worthy of a Hammer Horror feature all to itself. Yep. Unhappy Planting!

halfatty rose

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