In An English Country Garden

Cottage gardens have a reputation for being cultivated chaos, but really they’re meticulously long-term planned and continually maintained to get the rambling look so many people love and emulate. The great thing about them is they can be done with any size of land or random patch.  This beach cottage dispenses with a garden plot because it has the luxury of having the sea as its back yard, but nestled close to the house is a little border of cottage climbers.


This cottage garden has made perfect use of the steep incline it was dealt, gradating the planting to fabulous advantage.

cottage4 cottage5

We also adore their ‘secret garden’ rusty gate embraced by generous lavender Found here


Something like this would take years to mature…but how rewarding when it does!

cottage26However, if you had a small London courtyard such as this place, you can evoke the feel of a cottage country garden just with abundant and multi-level planting.

cottage13usedAlso bang in the middle of London…although you’d never feel as if you were, having tea in it..

cottage12usedLastly, we’re going to leave you with another little slice of London tucked away. It can be done, and accomplished superbly!